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If you can’t get enough of Disney, live there.

Disney Matt here, and I have some news for you:

I was scanning the internet for all things Disney this week and I came across some very cool things. However, none could top the Wall Street Journal report on October 30 that gave me the idea that, if I ever get rich, I could own a piece of Disney World. Yes, Disney fans, you heard me correctly: DIsney is now offering homeowners a chance to buy real estate in Disney World’s new community, Golden Oaks. Even the name sounds like it would be a utopia of all things Disney. The houses were gigantic and the Disney-themed home decor was simply amazing. The report also went into detail about some residents could see the famous Magic Kingdom Fireworks from their homes.


Magic Kingdom’s holds daily firework shows, like the one you see above. The colors and sound can be heard and seen for miles.

This news comes as a surprise to many Disney fans, knowing that the Disney Corp. has been known to close Disney World from the rest of the “real world.” Heck, you can’t even see the parks, hotels, etc., from the highway. I wonder if this decision will open the door to other communities or activities that would involve the “outside world.” Disney has been secretive about its plans for over 30 years, but this decision may ring in a new era of Disney. What other secrets could it be hiding?

Here’s what I hope Disney shares with us:

1. There is a seventh park in the works based on each Pixar Movie.

2. It will introduce Princess Generation 2 (like Pokemon) to separate the originals from the new princesses.

3. It will actually build a Monsters University for children living in Golden Oaks.

4. It introduces a new Steamboat Willie Ride, similar to It’s a Small World, but chronicling the history of the character Mickey.

5. Disney will build its own airport, so that visitors do not have to take a shuttle from Orlando’s airport (no offense Orlando).

Chances are that I am completely wrong on all accounts. However, it would be lovely to know what the colossal has up its proverbial sleeve. I guess I’ll just have to sit back and wait, like I have for the past 21 years. It hasn’t disappointed me yet, so why try anything different?

As my good friend Mickey put it: “Don’t stress over anything you can’t change.”