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Tis’ the Season for Giving

Thanksgiving is over and the Holiday season is among us. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and giving takes precedence over selfishness for one brief moment in time. I believe Walt Disney lived his entire life putting himself last. In creating Walt Disney World, he gave us fans something to enjoy eternally. So it led me to think: what were the greatest things (or attractions) Walt Disney World has given us?

1. Firework Shows: Disney World has a knack for the extravagant, but these fireworks are beyond that. Every single night, Disney World is illuminated by the most intricate displays of lights. Each show has a purpose, each show tells a story. There’s a reason thousands are still at the party, with crying babies and tired parents. The reason is that for those 10-15 minutes that the fireworks are shown, everything is forgotten. If you haven’t seen a Disney firework show, you must in your lifetime. Magic Kingdom is not the only park that has a must-see show, check out Epcot’s Illuminations as well.

2. The Resorts: What began as a few high-class hotels turned into a plethora of top-of-the-line resorts that cover DIsney World. From the cheaper All-Star Sports, Movies and Music, to the luxurious Grand Floridian and Bay Lake Towers, Disney has a room to offer for any budget.

3. Six Parks: Disney began as the Magic Kingdom, but has since expanded to include three more theme parks and two water parks. There simply is no way that you can go wrong choosing a park at Disney, for each features a variety of different attractions. With six parks, one would think there would be enough magic to go around, but the great aspect of Disney culture is that it never stops building.Disney Souvenirs 3

4. Souvenirs: Yes, you will spend money at Disney World. This is one of the biggest givens¬†that you can find, but what you are buying at Disney will remind you of the great times for years to come. There is nothing quite like capturing Disney is a snow globe, but any piece of the magic works. Every time you go to Disney, you will feel compelled to enter the gift shops and… well shop. I mean, just check out my collection if you want to know how many times I’ve been.

5. Memories:¬†A Trip to Disney World is a trip of a lifetime, I always say. Whether you go as a couple or family, Disney World will prove to be a memory that lasts forever. There truly is some type of magic that exists within the confines of Disney, where the memories become a part of you. If you haven’t been, you may not understand. However, you’ll figure it out soon.

What are your thoughts? What are the best things that Disney has given you?