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Breaking News: Disney Matt takes over

Disney Matt here, and I have some news for you:

Forbes Magazine is known for their powerful knowledge in the field of business. With that said, it seems like Forbes would be the last news outlet to take on Disney World. Yet, Forbes used Disney in a Nov. 7 article, but it actually had nothing to do with Disney. The article, through many policies and numbers, brought to life the possibility that Barack Obama and the U.S. Government could own Disney. Now, this is extremely unlikely to ever happen, but Forbes went through hypothetical situation. It got me thinking, if a news outlet like Forbes could make up hypothetical situations about owning Disney, I surely could.

Let’s change the plot a little bit; I’m going to take over Disney World in this hypothetical situation.

As Disney World’s owner, I would first jack down the prices of admission, so that more people could make the trip. Disney’s Magic Kingdom offers a single-day ticket for a hefty sum $95, so 21-year-olds like myself would have to work a whole day or two simply to gain admission. Not to mention, the prices for food added onto the ticket. In this hypothetical situation, I would raise the prices of food and beverages at the park, so that visitors can bring their own, healthier meals. The prices for food would be so outrageous that families would have to carry with them some very handy fruits and vegetables. I’m only looking out for your health, people.

Next, I would establish more fan interaction the many Disney shows. Everyone loves watching Mickey and the gang dance around, but we would love it so much more if we were involved. I’m sure if Disney can choreogrpah those numbers, they can add a personal touch to it. Dreams can come true at Disney, and I would make even more with this idea.

Just imagine, Pluto waves to you and asks you how you're doing. Wouldn't it be just great?

Just imagine, Pluto waves to you and asks you how you’re doing. Wouldn’t it be just great?

Next, I would install voice boxes in each of the Disney characters, so that children could have the dream of speaking with a Disney mascot come true. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about at Disney? Children could have full-length conversations with Goofy, Pluto and Donald, something I know I would have loved to do. Heck, I’d do it now if I could.

If I ran Disney World, I would bring the Disney characters to the various resorts. If children only get one chance to see the Disney princes or princesses at the park, they may lose out on the opportunity. If families did not have to worry about the time constraints binding them at the parks, the encounter with a character may be that much more magical. A visit from Cinderella at Disney’s Polynesian Resort could be more intimate and enjoyable for Lilly (my future daughter’s name) on her first trip to Disney World.

Lastly, I’d used the name to make this world the best it can possibly be. This means countless charitable events and projects that directed the efforts and proceeds to organizations that give back. I am aware Disney has launched a new charitable giving initiative, but I would intend to take it further. Disney is one of the most powerful companies in the world, so I believe more can be done. This is not a shot at Disney World, though, rather an idea to raise expectations higher. With Disney acting charitably, our world can only take steps forwards.

Well, there’s a reason I don’t head Disney: I’d have no clue what to do. Good thing George Kalogridis has that task, for I would be overwhelmed. However, maybe you’d like to take a shot.

What would you do with Disney World?